“The Old Man and The Sea” Stop-Motion-Film

Today I stumbled upon a stop-motion film inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Mand and The Sea”. This book was my first contact with Hemingway when I was about ten years old, and I remember that I loved it, I was obsessed with this story for some time.

I read it at the library of the school I studied at. But I had to read the book during the intervals between classes because the librarian did not let me loan the book, she said I was too young for it, and that I should read books for my age. Seriously, she actually told me that. If she only knew how many of her “forbidden” books I read right under her nose by lying down in the back of the library where she wouldn’t see me, or putting the book inside an encyclopedia and pretending to be making a research. I wonder what she would say if she knew this!

Anyway, that’s not what I was supposed to be talking about. What I really wanted was to show you this stop-motion-film that I really liked. It made me want to read “The Old Man and The Sea” again! I hope you enjoy!


the old man and the sea from Marcel Schindler on Vimeo.


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