The C4 Project: Raise awareness for Celiac Disease

Today I just want to invite you all to check Ashley and Ellie’s blog The C4 Project. And why should you do that? Well, because these two friends had the great idea of creating a project to raise awareness for Celiac Disease. In case you don’t know, this disease basically means that people who have it cannot eat gluten because their small intestine cannot absorb it.

If you are a label reader like me, you have probably noticed that everything, especially food, comes with an indication saying if the product contains gluten or not (or at least, this is how it’s done here in Brazil). Have you ever wondered why it is so? The answer is simple: the information is given because of people who have Celiac Disease.

I have some friends who have the disease and that’s why I know about it. But truth is, very few people actually know anything about it. So this is what Ashley and Ellie are trying to do with their project; they want people to get information about Celiac Disease, especially because it is very important that the diagnoses is done correctly as soon as possible, which does not always happen.

I invite you all to check the page for the project, watch the video below and help spread the word!

The C4 Projec – Vimeo


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