Earth Hour


Today is the day to pledge your support to our planet. For one hour today, beginning at 8:30 pm (for me in Brazil, check your time here:, join hundreds of millions of people and turn off your lights. This amazing project was created by the people at WWF (World Wide Life), an organization working in behalf of planet Earth.

And it’s not only our planet that will gain something with this. You can get a lot from the Earth Hour too. We live connected nowadays, there’s no denying it. Most people have internet not only in their computers, but also in their mobiles and tablets and so on. Sometimes we let the technological world take over, and we forget about the greatest thing in life: people.

So tonight, turn off your lights and spend an hour talking with you friends, play the acoustic guitar, have fun. Get close to the people you love and, who knows, you may find out you don’t need to be connect as much as you think.

So, are you joining me today? Tell me what you plan to do with your one hour of freedom from this crazy tech world in which we live.



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