Inequality is everywhere

I stumbled upon this video last week (I can’t remember how I ended up in the page) and I decided to post it here not only because it has amazing infographics, but also because it made me think a lot about inequality in the world.

In case you don’t know it yet, I’m Brazilian and have lived in Brazil my entire life. One of the biggest problems that every Brazilian will talk about is the inequality in our country. I won’t deny that there is inequality; this idea is, by no means, wrong. What is wrong is that many Brazilians seem to think that it isn’t so in other countries, especially the USA.

What this video shows is that inequality, in an alarming level, is present even where one would think this problem doesn’t exist. I don’t know how Americans feel about this video and the information it contains. If we are to imagine it by what the video says, Americans are also misinformed about how much inequality really affects them.

And just as there is inequality in the USA and in Brazil, there is inequality all around the world. I wonder what a study similar to this but encompassing the whole world would show; I can’t help thinking that it would prove that inequality is the biggest worldwide problem we have. Think about it, do you really think that there is no place in the world where some people have much more money than they need and others are barely able to pay for food?

I believe that the problem is much bigger than this video shows, because it’s not just a problem the USA has, but every country in the world. What we can do to help solve this? That is a question I keep asking myself and I cannot find a satisfactory answer. The thing is, inequality will always exist, there is no question about it. But does it need to be so much that we have millions of people around the world that don’t know what they will eat tomorrow?


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