Project Eleven by Month


The project Eleven by Month (11 Por Mês) was created by Zé Zoran, the owner of the webpage Melhor Ângulo. His idea is to try to bring back the habit of developing your photographs. You remember when you were a kid and your family and friends would getter around photo books to see the photos that were taken on your last birthday party? You remember how amazing it was to have everyone together looking at those photos? What Zoran says is true, nowadays it’s not the same experience with the photos being on the computer. So his idea is, let’s develop 11 photos every single month of the year, giving you a total of 132 developed photos!

I know I’m a bit late in telling you about this project, since the second month of the year is almost over, but I hope you’ll want to join us. So here is the deal, you select eleven photos you took last month and eleven that you took this month and develop them! If you put them on your Flickr account, use the tags #11pormes and #11bymonth so that we can know how big this project is getting! Send me the links to your pictures and I’ll put them here on the blog!

I really hope you’ll join us in this exciting project! And here goes my eleven photos from January:

IMG_2265 - Cópia IMG_3910 - Cópia IMG_4621 IMG_4672 IMG_4713 - Cópia 2 IMG_4730 - Cópia IMG_4775 - Cópia IMG_4782 IMG_4863 - Cópia IMG_4869 - Cópia IMG_4891 - Cópia


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