Merlin is over


One of the coolest things I discovered lately was the BBC show Merlin. I am a big fan of Arthurian legends, so this was an amazing finding for me. The series was in the middle of the third season when I started watching. The fourth and fifth season I followed weekly, truth be told, this was the only show I managed to really keep track of.

Last November, BBC announced that the fifth season of Merlin would be its last, which was unsurprising for me. After all, Merlin could save Arthur only a number of times before it started to get boring. The last two episodes, “The Diamond of the Day – Parts 1 and 2” were aired before Christmas last year, but I only had the courage to watch last weekend. Not that I was afraid of the ending, just that I did not want it to end. But, all good things must come to an end, and so did Merlin.

[SPOILER ALERT – Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens at the end]

The last episodes showed the battle of Camlann, where the prophecy of Arthur’s death by the hands of Mordred would come true. I liked the episodes in general; the battle would have been incredible if BBC had money to invest in the production; Morgana’s total transformation in villain was amazingly portrayed. But I must say that Merlin’s confession to Arthur about being a sorcerer was not given the proper attention, even if the subsequent dialogues were interesting, the scene itself was so unremarkable that you could have missed it if you were not paying close attention to the show. I was expecting Arthur’s death to happen but I was still moved by the scene. The true friendship that grew between Merlin and Arthur was a beautiful thing to watch throughout the show and Merlin’s attempt to save the life of his friend, and not of the king, in the end was the culmination of this process and could not have failed to be emotional.

The final scene of Merlin, shows the sorcerer in our times passing by the place that was known as Avalon long ago and stopping for a brief moment, probably thinking about the day Arthur died in that place. Some may thing that this was a bit too much, but I actually liked it because, as the dragon says, Arthur will rise again when Albian need is greatest, so the final scene keeps the legend alive in our days.

If you like Arthurian legends and have not watched Merlin yet, you are missing out on a very good series!

merlin end


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One response to “Merlin is over

  1. Great article!

    I wish Arthur and Gwen could have lived happily ever after!

    I love the show, and will miss it!

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